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We welcome all volunteers to join us!

It has changed from when we were just working on buildings. Now we are working with veterans—men, women, and children. For all former and new volunteers, there is a three-step process to be involved at the Haven.

1) Download & fill out a Volunteer Application.

2) Agree to an online background check.

3) Attend a 30 minute training.

After your background check is approved, you’ll attend a 30 min training where you will get a handbook, have an opportunity to join a VAC (Veterans Allied with the Community) Team, and receive a volunteer wristband, showing you have done these steps. Then you are golden to be a Haven for Heroes Volunteer!

Lots of opportunities coming up— gardening, barbecues, Auditorium refurbishment for fun activities, and eventually tackling Cottage 3. If you have a larger group (5 or more), we are happy to come to you to do the training.

Thanks for caring for our wonderful veterans!


VAC Teams

(Veterans Allied with the Community)

Administration Team/Intake/Outtake—Help with all administration needs as requested by the Director. Man the office for period of time consistently if available.

Community Team—Plan events in the Auditorium and Cottages to bring in the Community and integrate those veterans who would enjoy that. Vets 4 Vets—bridging gaps between vets, sharing, all veterans from the community welcome.

Cottage Facility/Grounds Team—Keep Cottage, Auditorium, and grounds clean, monitor maintenance needs, work to help fill those needs.

Donations Team—organize donation room, take donation calls, facilitate drop offs, work with Granny’s Closet.

Food—Organize food for events as needed.

Fundraising Team—Meet with potential donors, plan and organize events for fundraising.

Kid’s Klub--As we welcome parents with children--usually moms--we want to be ready to help.  Our purpose is to come around these kids and give them love and keep them busy with creative activities to engage their minds.  A play room is set up with appropriate toys and a locked cupboard is stocked in another area with adult supervision type activities such as games, puzzles, coloring, and the like.

Program Team—Art, Music, Enrichment, Wood shop, Tournaments—i.e. pool, ping pong, Bingo. Horseback riding, fishing, canoeing, other interests that the residents may have.

Transportation Team—Provide rides to appointments, events, programs. Orient them to the bus and Northstar train schedules.

Volunteer Team—interview volunteers, backgrounds checks, training of behavior and expectations.

911 Team—Boots on the ground group that would go and get veterans or families in need/trouble. Periodic check up on those who have left.